Building control during construction

The Building Control during Construction service aims at providing an on-going monitoring system on site during the construction process in order to reduce risks related to compliance, rework and litigation. Based on inputs provided by customers (Quality plan, customer requirements, project description, designs and drawings, etc.), ASACERT prepares a fully tailored Control Plan for a specific project outlining type, amount and frequency of controls. Such controls are carried out from the launch of the project to its completion according to the work program.

ASACERT controls normally include:

  • a site preparation audit;
  • control of work in each construction phase (from start to the end of works)
  • design and contractual requirements’ compliance verification;
  • codes and standards’ compliance verification;
  • materials suppliers’ certification and monitoring;
  • quality control of incoming materials;
  • testing of building materials;
  • non-destructive tests;
  • inspection of structures and super- structures;
  • inspection and testing of electrical and utility system;
  • verification of functioning of technological installations.

Specific tests can be conducted in qualified testing laboratories to check the strength, durability and suitability of construction materials (aggregates, rocks, concrete, bricks, mortar, plaster, steel and polymers).

Customers receive systematic reports as listed below:

  • Site Inspection Reports (SIR) issued at the end of each Inspection Audit and addressed to Site Engineers;
  • Intermediate Inspection Report (IIR) issued after three to four days and providing evidence (pictures, test reports, etc.);
  • Monthly Report (MR) issued at the end of each month and delivered to the Engineer or other designated officers, summarising non-conformities raised in the previous month (resolved, pending, etc.)
  • Management Information System (MIS) delivered along with the monthly report and addressed to the top management.

At the end of the project, ASACERT provides customers with:

  • Final Inspection Report based on the auditing activities duly carried out;
  • Inspection Certificate (if the inspection’s results are positive)

ASACERT’s technical control on-site allows customers to:

  • increase reliability and improve their brand image from stakeholders’ perspective;
  • reduce the risk of repetition of work through prompt identification of non-conformities and careful follow-up activities to ensure their resolution;
  • reduce the risk of delays and guarantee on-time project completion;
  • prevent litigation costs due to claims and complaints by other parties (contractors, designers, etc.);
  • Improving quality assurance.