CE Marking of Construction Products and Ready Mix Concrete Factory Production Control

ASACERT, as part of the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR), operates as a Notified Body to the European Community (no. 2021). Under this regulation ASACERT can assess the compliance of aggregates, of precast concrete products, road materials and metal structures (EN 1090-1) with harmonized standards of Factory Production Control, according to the attestation system 2 +.

The activities involved in the certification process for Factory Production Control are carried out by our  inspectors in accordance with procedures defined by competent ministries and harmonized standards of product.

The “Ready Mix Concrete Factory Production Control” Certification, issued by an independent third party Certification body, is recognized all over the world as a   guarantee for buildings quality construction. ASACERT has the authorization to issue the FPC Certification of Ready Mix Concrete plants.

The “Ready Mix Concrete Factory Production Control” Certification procedure is carried out by ASACERT inspectors in accordance with international regulations and specific procedures in harmony with the international Ready Mix Concrete guides.